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Summer Hours on Thursdays

Thursday Closings

7:00-8:30 PM
George Mason University
Aquatic Center,
Fairfax, VA
9:00-10:15 PM
George Mason University
Aquatic Center,
Fairfax, VA
9:00-10:00 PM
Oak Marr Rec Center
Oakton, VA

Underwater hockey is a fast moving game that quickly builds swimming and free diving capability. It is played on the bottom of a 6-8 feet swimming pool by two teams of six. Players wear fins, mask, snorkel, and a protective glove and headgear (the same kind as for water polo).

The stick is short, approximately 1 foot long and made of wood or plastic polymer. The puck is heavy, around 3 lb. and coated with a protective layer of hard plastic. The goals are 3 meters (9’) long.

Play and strategy is similiar to soccer or ice hockey except that the playing surface is at the bottom of a pool. The rules are "non-contact" and players generally cover zones around the puck. Success (scoring) ultimately depends on teamwork, since no single person can hold her breath forever.

Play is fast and exciting - you go at it hard while holding your breath. The sport offers great cross-training for scuba divers, runners, swimmers, and bikers. Plus, because it's non-contact and underwater, people of different sizes and genders play on an equal field.

The Washington DC team has been playing for over three years and has been covered by various news media including the Washington Post. We currently practice in Fairfax county during the week and have over 40 participants who travel from as far as Annapolis, MD, Columbia, MD, and Richmond, VA to join us.

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